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Experiential Integrative Process

Experiential Integrative Process is a psychotherapeutic intervention process developed by Psychologist Marco Mendes. It is not a new approach to psychotherapy but a way to guide psychotherapy understanding attachment history as the history of our emotion development. Right brain to Right Brain connection, using therapeutic relationship to soothe and regulate, and moment by moment experiences are some of the main charactheristics of the Process.

The core goal is helping clients to reorganize their attachment system. Firstly, there is a need for creating a strong bond between client and therapist. After the bond has been estabilished, therapists help clients to explore people in the world who they can support and be supported. Secure relationships help clients to create an internal sense of security , relying on themselves and reaching out others when necessary.

Experiential Integrative Process can be seen as an attachment emotion focused intervention. It has all to do with EFT principles adding a more relational approach and even more proximity between psychotherapist and client.

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